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  • Chair: Dr Boma Douglas

  • 1st Vice Chairperson: Dr Henry Okosun

  • 2nd Vice Chairperson: Chris Agbai

  • General Secretary: Henry Okoli

  • Assistant General Secretary: Dr Deinde Arayomi

  • Legal Secretary: Juliet Benson

  • Publicity Secretary: Sheryl Coker

  • Assistant Publicity Secretary: Titi Danso 

  • Financial Secretary: Ayo Oyebade

  • Treasurer: Barrister Tim Ogbuagu

  • Social Secretary: Euphemia Chukwu

  • Assistant Social Secretary: Omobola Abioye - Ganiyu

  • Welfare Secretary: Rex Chosen

  • Assistant Welfare Secretary: Dr Norah Ijeoma Penawou

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