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Our Vision

  • To  cater for  the  welfare  and  community  interests of Nigerians  resident  in  the United Kingdom;

  • To  provide a  common forum for coordinating  the  activities  of  the various  Nigerian organizations  in  the  United  Kingdom;

  • To  liaise and  promote  good  relations  with  the Nigerian  High  Commission  as  well as other  United  Kingdom Authorities  on  matters  related to  the  welfare  of  Nigerians  in  the United  Kingdom;

  • To  encourage  good  conduct and  behaviour  amongst Nigerians  with  a  view  to promoting a positive image of Nigeria;

  • To  mobilise  and  co-ordinate Nigerians  in the  United  Kingdom  with  the  aim of enhancing  public  enlightenment,  community  values,  culture,  youth activities  and  other socio-welfare matters;

  • To  promote  closer co-operation  and  collaboration amongst  various  Nigerians  in  the United  Kingdom with  the aim of  fostering  unity, concord and  greater understanding amongst Nigerians in  the  United  Kingdom;

  • To  generate interest  in  the  socio-economic  development  of  Nigeria;

  • To  promote  equality of  opportunity for  all Nigerians  resident  in  UK,  irrespective  of gender,  age,  sexuality,  disabilities,  religion,  culture  and regionality;

  • To  co-operate  with  other organizations  or  individuals  with  the same or  similar interests  and  objectives.

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