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Bola Abioye - Ganiyu - Assistant Social Secretary


Bola Abioye - Ganiyu - Assistant Social Secretary

Bola Ganiyu is a Business Strategist and Project management consultant by profession. She is keen on social and charitable causes and spend a considerable amount of time providing career advisory services to pre /postgraduates and experienced hires who wish to change their career path. She is a budding motivational speaker and is passionate about motivating people to be innovative, entrepreneurial, financially savvy and independent. Bola currently hold BSc in Leadership and Management from Nottingham Trent University and I'm married with two boys.


Among other things, she has a small-scale boutique event management company called Prospect76Events and has been the chair of the events management sub-committee of Uncelebrated Nigerians Awards UNA UK and a member of the project management committee of the Nigerian Direct Diaspora Investment Summit (NDDIS). She has chaired and coordinated the Yaba College of Technology Traditional Ball to celebrate 70years of its existence.  This year, she helped organise various events within the community. She is currently working towards her certification with the John Maxwell team as this will give her the ability to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth.

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